What a Saturday I think today has gone officially down in the books as the worst Saturday ever!

Well it all started on Saturday at 6 am to wake up and find out Brownie who is pretty good about not pottying on things used the bathroom on the floor (thank goodness it wasnt the carpet) I got to clean up that lovely stuff so early and then watch tennis (yes my choice to watch Chad and my brother) and having to stare straight into the sun for an hour. (not so bad)

Come home relax for a little while and decide to get my prenatal vitamin prescription refilled only to wait 40 minutes since the prescription never came over to the pharmacy. Then I find out that my insurance is worthless and doesnt cover it or I guess I should say it covers but the vitamins are less than my deductible since its so high on brand stuff..how..I guess thats why you must love insurance. The pharmacist tells me there is a generic which if I went somewhere else that is much cheaper that they will cover. Well I call around to pharmacies only to find out that viatmin has no generic the pharmacist didnt know what they were talking about at the first place I later find out.

Then at the 2nd tennis match (that we waited for an hour for!) we come out only to find out that Chad parked behind a gate and we were locked in. Thank goodness that my parents were there and we had a ride but frustrating wasnt even the point. Then Chad got hit in the eye (tennis balls seem to like him-first his eye, before it was his arm then we cant forget about softball too in the stomach). He went down and I really thought it was going to be off to the ER but of course hes tough and made it.

Then we ride home with my parents my parents to begin with (long story short) think that adoption is stupid and we should just have our own why would anyone adopt is their point. Well my dad made a really hateful comment about us adopting that really was just uncalled for. Then on the way home (it was close to 8 pm) we stopped in at a restaurant to eat only for my dad to throw a tenter tantrum like a 2 yr old then my mom joined him with the 2 yr old attitude. I finally said lets go Ill eat something at home we arent dealing with this. So we left and went home.

Then me and Chad went back out to get something quick at a local diner that we normally love thats pretty quick. Well they screwed up both of our orders and when we sent it back the waitress got an attitude with us. We were both already at our not so grand attitude so we just left and found something else. No telling what they would have done to the food Ive learned my lesson there. We did finally find something to eat.

Oh then AF is beyond heavy for 3 straight days and normally AF is only heavy for about 12-18 hrs. I was beginning to think I had lost it. Maybe thats why Ive been an emotional rollercoaster lately.

That was the end of Saturday...glad I dont have days like that everyday...

Sunday was better thank goodness. We played tennis for about 2-3 hrs (yes in the very hot sun in MS with the heat!) and Im starting to actually hit the ball back (yes Im a very true begineer).

Thank goodness AF is also starting to disappear I really am tired of seeing her around. Wish she would disappear for oh say about 9 mths that would make my day or actually a lot more than that:)

I know it will work out when God its Gods will but this patience thing is really getting to me. I think God is really teaching us to be patient and to obey him and this is really hard for me but Im working on it:)

That ended up being a lot longer than I thought..just needed to get it all off my chest:)

Last but not least if any of you have a Prenatal vitamin you recommend please share. Ive been taking the GNC Prenatal vitamin and its been making me so sick to my stomach lately.


Sarah'sSmile said...

I talk the walmart brand prenatals. try taking them at night before bed...then you may miss the sickness from them :)

Jen said...

I've always used the Target brand prenatals. If you can't find one that doesn't make you sick you can always try taking children's vitamins. When I had morning sickness my OB told me to just take two chewable vitamins a day - one morning and one at bedtime. It definitely helped me stomach the vitamins better.

Jen said...

i'm so sorry about your parents! especially that your dad threw such a fit! ugh! i hope their minds open to adoption soon. i can't help but think that once they meet the child that will be yours, they will love him/her with all their heart. so sorry they're not being supportive :(

i use nature made prenatals. only have to take one a day and i've never had a problem. i think you can buy them at most grocery stores, walmart, and target. they're pretty cheap too... http://www.naturemade.com/

Kellie said...

I used to take Target brand prenatals, they never made me sick. And I hate that your parents said such negative things about adoption...you know, some people will just never get it. They aren't in your situation so they don't understand. Don't take it to heart, that's what I have to do.

Onna said...

I used Walmart brand prenatals myself. Never made me sick. I always heard to take them right before bed too so help not to make you sick.

Sorry about the bad weekend sweetie. I'm gald that Sunday got better for sure.

Here's hoping this week is great!

G & H said...

Aw man that sounds like quite a crazy saturday! I am sorry you rparents weren't being so supportive...I know anytime ANYONE isn't supportive of our adoption I get upset so I can only imagine what a crazy night it was!

Thinking of you!!! Glad Sunday was better and here's to a much better week :)