Washington DC Trip-Part 1

If you would like to see all the pictures click here Let me know if the link doesnt work:)

Sunday-got into DC went straight to convention center with luggage, not fun. Finally got to our hotel and just crashed. Decided to take a walking trip to Boston Market and found out it’s a lot longer walk than we originally thought it was.
Dummer Boys at the Convention Hall

Monday-Tuesday: Convention, Convention and more convention. Didn’t do much else. Also found out that Food Courts close at 7 pm who would have ever thought in such a big city they would close so early?! We did get to go see the White House and Executive Offices
us in front of the White House-it really does exist..haha

Wednesday-half day at Convention Hall then we we were off to sight see. We went to the National Archives, Spy Museum and did Operation Spy (pretty cool like Jack Bauer on 24)
International Spy Museum