Busy week

This week is quite a week but I love staying busy I must admit also

Last night we went to go take our professional pictures with our dear friend. Well it looked like it was fixing to storm but it was the only night either one of us didnt have something going on. Well I prayed really hard to please Lord just let the rain hold off until we get a few pictures so we will have one for our profile if you want us to adopt. Well wouldnt you know it the rain held off and just about the time our friend put his camera up it started raining. God is good and gave us a clear sign of adoption. The rain held off and we got some great pictures I think. Just waiting to see the final pictures!

Tonight is the International Adoption meeting to see if we are interested or not and get some more info

Wednesday is getting my progesterone tested to see if we even have a chance of being pg. I would be excited of course if we were, but if not we are going to go forward with CA and get things ready for it.

Thursday-have to take Brownie to get her yearly shots

Friday-start back with school, have a shorter day and orientation and all that fun stuff.

After the training and all that jazz we are heading to Destin for the weekend I cant wait! One of our good friends is getting married this weekend. I just hope the rain holds off for them because according to the weather its supposed to rain all weekend long.

Well thats our crazy week for ya. Next week is the start back to school in full for teachers, then the following Monday (Aug. 10) kids come back..my summer is slowly coming to a stop. Im ready to go back but then again I kind of will miss sleeping in too so its a bittersweet moment...


Jen said...

yay! i'm glad you got the pics before the rain! God is good!!!

Dana said...

It is bittersweet isn't it? I keep thinking there was so much I wanted to do this summer but I am also excited to go back, kwim?

So glad you go the pictures in before the rain, yea! I hope the training and your trip go great this weekend! I am so jealous you are getting in a trip to the beach before school starts!

Rosie said...

I can't wait to hear what happens at the international adoption meeting. And don't you love when the rain holds off for you? It was like that at my wedding. Hope you have a great week!

Mandy Jo said...

Glad you got the pictures taken!!! Sounds like you have a busy week ahead of you!!:)

Breen said...

Glad you were able to get your pictures in. It rained here last night too and I really hope it won't rain this weekend. We have having our pro pics done in St. Augustine Saturday.

Hope you have a Great Week.

sarah m said...

That is awesome that your pictures worked out! :)

I love Destin - have fun!!

And I can't believe it's back to school time - I miss teaching. :(

G & H said...

our friend just did our pictures too! so funny!

they came out good i need to lose like 50 lbs ( and for some reason just realized it looking at those pictures) but they will definitley work :)