I know that I never post here or do not have any intentions to revise this blog but thought I would post if anyone else is on Bloglovin. Hopefully it will be a little easier to follow along.

Recently, Google Reader has decided to do away with the wonderful website that I have grown quite accustomed to as well as many others. As soon as I heard the news that Google Reader was retiring as of July 1, 2013 I knew I had to get a reliable reader that I actually could handle. I have tried out a few others but have finally settled on bloglovin (as well as many others). If you are also a member of the ever growing Bloglovin feel free to follow along.  If you have found a better reader than bloglovin please share or if you are also on bloglovin please share your link so I can follow along as well.

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Newest Blog

For anyone that still is a google reader on this blog just thought I would post that we have our newest blog that has our little girl Morgan who is now 13 mths old. Stop by and visit

New Blog

For anyone who still wants to keep up with our journey I started a new blog

Hope you will join us to meeting our miracle!

Thank you girls for all the wonderful comments Im just in amazement. I go back and think of all those days, nights when I either got a BFN or AF showed up and I wondered many nights if we would remain childless forever, it was so tough. I think all those hard times and lots of tears shed have really helped to show me to be patient and never give up on God because he sure never gives up on us.

I think the nausea (havent thrown up yet) and the absolute exhaustion have sure helped me to realize that maybe I really am pregnant and its not all in my head.

We have only told a few people and we are waiting until Im a little farther along to tell others. We told one of our friends today (we debated back and forth whether to tell or not but now Im glad I did) and their reaction was absolutely priceless. They know our road and our walk through. She told me to call her doctor (remember I dont have a regular OB-GYN been going to a RE) and she highly recommended her and said she is absolutely amazing for first time moms. I of course had so many questions for her and she is such a great friend to answer all my logical and probably dumb questions..haha! She just had her baby back in April so its all fresh on her mind too.

I researched how to get pg but being pg is just cluless so Im learning all this stuff. I ordered three books to hopefully help because I am clueless when it comes to pregnancy. The books are
1) Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
2) What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting
3) What to Expect When You're Expecting: 4th Edition

Are there any other books that anyone would recommend to get? Im trying to read all I can to figure this out I feel so far out in left field


Well post #100 will definitely be a memorable post...

14 months
18 cycles
5 mg Femara
progesterone cream (2X day)
one beautiful result

It was confirmed this morning by the doctor at 13 DPO-Day 29

First doctors appt-October 14 (my grandfathers birthday)

Due Date-June 3, 2010
Last day of school-May 25
Grandmothers birthday-June 4

God had a perfect plan, more perfect than I could ever imagine. I still cant believe my dream has became a reality, it really hasnt sunk in yet

This will mark post 99, next post will be 100!

Tomorrow is Friday the best day well maybe Saturday is better so we can sleep in. I have honestly had a great week. My mom has came around somehow. I called my dad (who is a good mediator) and maybe he talked some sense into her. We had a long talk yesterday afternoon for about 2 hrs. We will see how long things are good this time.

Tomorrow we head to Nashville, I absolutely cant wait. I love Nashville and miss it terribly. If we could take our jobs and our house we would move tomorrow, but of course thats not how life works. Im just hoping the rain holds off for the game Saturday night and maybe we can win, well see.

Boot Camp is still going good I love the feeling of it I must admit. I posted more over on my Weight Loss blog for anyone interested. Im hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow:)

This week has been kind of weird at school, a student who graduated last year shot himself over a girl and its just been a sad week. Please keep this family in your prayers, I can only imagine how tough it is for the parents but also the girlfriend too.

AF should be here Im guessing if its like every month Saturday (10 DPO) so well see if she stays away or not. If not, I know God has another plan for us.

Also if anyone is looking for recipes, Im trying to get my entire collection to it, so Im posting 1 to 2 per day new recipes.

Pictures from the Auburn Game

me and Chad

Me and my cousin

Great Weekend!

Well this weekend was so much fun with my cousin and her family. We tailgated and well MSU did end up losing (not a big shock) and Auburn whipped our tail. It was so much fun just hanging out with my cousin, her hubby and her little girl who is precious. I have a few pictures but need to get them off my camera..haha!

Also, I never really knew what country my cousin was adopted from and I was asking her this weekend about it all and found out she was adopted from South Korea. We had kind of thought about this one as well for international adoption but thats about as far as its gone. I do think it would be kind of neat to have a baby that looks like my cousin and her little girl too. Well see where we go from there.

Im just waiting on AF to show up for now.

Today was boot camp day can read more about it on my WL blog (check the right hand side). It was tough to say the least.

Please say a little prayer for us with my mom. She has gotten beyond tolerable right now and I just dont know what to do anymore. Its amazing how she went from being excited about us having twins to being unbearable. Its just sad to be honest.

On another note we are heading to Nashville this weekend, one of my favorite cities (of course we used to live there so its more like home too) Maybe MSU can win, we will see. Its hard to cheer for the opponent though bc I used to work for Vanderbilt.

Well this week was tough, rough you name it. Ive been staying until anywhere from 6-9 pm everynight and getting there super early too. There has been so much going on and trying to get everything perfect (yes Im very much a perfectionist). I feel like Ive had no life this week and am so glad this week is coming to a close and have everything done thank goodness. I think it should be illegal to have regular duty (before school) and football duty on the same day but thats just me:)

My reward for having such a tough week was an AWESOME Friday. My kids were so good, so engaged and we had fun. In two classes we started learning Photoshop (how can you really not like learning such a cool program) and my other class actually begged me to go back early from lunch-they were doing de.mon.stration speeches and got to bring food if thats what they demon.str.ated. They absolutely loved it and we really had a great time learning about new things, how to do it, and they really did wonderfully on their sp.eeches too!.

Then I got home and my little pup, Brownie seemed more excited than ever to welcome me home, she is so cute and fun.

Tomorrow morning we leave really early to head to the plains of Alabama (Auburn) to visit with my cousin and her family and to enjoy some football (or lets hope we enjoy it:) ). I cant wait! Then next weekend we head to Vanderbilt..yeah! Two fun filled weekends!

Happy birthday!

Happy 30th birthday to my wonderful husband. I think he has been a little sad on turning 30 and I keep joking around with him that hes a lot older than me now since Im only 28..haha:) I fixed him his favorite meal that he asked for and we have just taken it easy.

Tomorrow starts back our women's bible study (only in the Fall and Spring) and Im looking forward to it. Its a great time with some wonderful Godly women.

Auburn cant get here soon enough..come on weekend! Im ready to leave now..haha:)