Follicle Check

Well Im back from my appointment from the RE. I totally forgot when I went in that my RE was actually out of town this week and so is his nurse. I got a new doctor and nurse that seemed pretty friendly I will have to admit. So the results
Have 2 follicles (14 mm & 17mm) and my uterine lining is 10 in.
The doctor stated that neither one of these is quite to ovulation and more than likely I will only have one follicle that will make it.

I have to go back Monday to see if the follicles have matured or not and they wont charge me for the ultrasound..yeah:)

Hopefully I will get at least one that can mature enough to make a baby we will wait and see I guess. The new doctor stated that in order to do a HCG shot that the follicle must be at least 21mm so thats what we are hoping for.

Well our appointment with Bethany is in less than 2 hrs hopefully we will find out some more information:)

Got my upcoming schedule for teaching and I love it! I have 4th block off every day for both semesters and my classes will be so much fun. Thats means that pretty much I will be done everyday 1:40ish. I dont think I could ever get so excited about teaching & classes but I really cant wait:) Im so much more motivated earlier in the day by the last class I always ran out of energy or so it seems like so yes Im excited:)