Destin tomorrow!

Ok after a rough two days I think Destin is sounding better and better:) After my day at work (little over half day) we are heading down there..cant wait!

Please say a little prayer for our dear friends who are having their wedding on the beach on saturday. The weather is saying all rain and I couldnt imagine paying the amount they have to have an indoor wedding so I hope and pray the rain will hold off for them.

We are staying with one of my good friends who I have been friends with for over 20 years. She has two little kiddos who are absolutely precious I cant wait to see them! I know we will have lots of fun we always do and she just got her first house and I know she is so excited so I cant wait to see it:)

Spoke with my RE and I always had in my mind if this cycle didnt work we were done..I mean we have tried just about everything and nothing has worked. Well maybe God had another plan...
Ive been trying to get all the doctors who I have been too in the past 15 mths to put me on some type of progesterone supplement since my luteal phase is so short. They all think that fertility drugs (clomid preferably) has been the answer not progesterone supplements. I know some of you dont think its that big of a deal but my RE.....F-I-N-A-L-L-Y is going to give me a prescription for vaginal supplements. Maybe this isnt a big deal to anyone else but its a huge deal to me. Do you know how long I have waited to even have a true shot of getting pg...we will see what I say if this doesnt work out we are done..over and moving on to fully adoption. Then I know we have tried everything and God has a different route for us.

Plan of Action this month...
1) Go in tomorrow morning (too early-since work starts back tomorrow) to get my FSH and prolactin levels tested again. Not sure when I will get my results back. Ive been on cabergoline since March due to a very elevated prolactin
2) increase dose of Femara to 5 mg
3) ultrasound on day 14 (Aug. 12-my brothers birthday) and do an HCG shot
4) vaginal progesterone supplement that will start the day I go in for ultrasound (so excited about this step!)

Anyone had a vaginal progesterone supplement so I know what to expect?? Any side effects, etc.??

we are going to start working on our dear birthmother letter this month and if it doesnt work Im really ok with it but I guess I just want to know Ive given it my all that Im willing to try.

Less than 24 hrs we will be in Destin!!! Have a great weekend!


Breen said...

I've never done the vaginal supplements I always did the shots. So first be glad you are getting the supplements. Second, from ladies I know who use the vaginal ones that you should definitely wear a panty liner because you will have some "leakage". Good Luck and I really hope this does the trick for you.

I do have a question why are they giving you an HCG shot? Are you on clomid or something?

Jaime Matthews said...

Mindy B's sister-in-law here. I did the vaginal suppositories, and it wasn't that bad. Well worth it for the outcome! I didn't have any side effects. I had a short luteal phase problem, which sounds like what you have going on as well. I did 2 a day, it's similar to putting in a tampon only it's cold because they are stored in the fridge. I only had to do 2 cycles of it before I got pregnant, praise God, and then you keep it going through week 12. Good luck to you! Like you said, at least you will know you've tried to remedy all the obvious problems.

Jaime Matthews said...

Oh and yes to the panty liners. That stuff stains.

Sarah'sSmile said...

I agree, panty liners. I did 2 a day through week it did something for me at least! :)

I hope this is the answer!

Amber said...

Breen-I was on Femara when they gave me a HCG shot to help with ovulation and extent my luteal phase