Finally Finished..yeah!

Well if anyone has visited the past oh 24 hrs you have noticed lots of changes:) Well Im finally done with everything for now at least (no major things)

For the blogs..thanks to those of you who posted I figured out there was an option called following and it brought back almost all of them (I think I have followed everyone) so if you havent already started following the blogs you regularly visit its in your best interest so if you ever lose all your blogs they are all there (no freaking out like I did..haha!)

For anyone wondering about the design of it I did almost everything custom (basic template-then added on). If you dont know HTML and coding I wouldnt recommend it. I guess between me who teaches Web Design and hubby who builds custom stuff for the web we had our hands cut out..haha:)

For anyone curious of our canoeing trip...
1) Im burnt as a lobster thinking that no sunscreen would be ok since we would be under the trees and shade..yeah right
2) We only tipped a few times, and almost drowned just once..lets just say waterfall and we didnt know what we were doing:)
Ill have to post the few pictures I do have sometime soon.


Jen said...

love the new layout!!! good job!

Kelli said...

Love the new look!

Oh, and I'm glad you didn't drown! Gracious!

Megan said...

It looks awesome! Great job! =)