Russian Adoption

Ok I must admit I am what you might ask? I just found the Russian database

Now if I could just read Russian I might could figure out what it was saying. Wow look at all those adorable kids I want to go pick one up now:) I will add it to the side for anyone that ever wants to go back at a later date.

Ok this has just made my day as silly as it might be. Im working on the list of adoption blogs and a lot of information to go with it. Hopefully I can finish it all up by this weekend and post by at least Monday. I figure I would share it with anyone who wanted it and I know if any of you are like me if its out there I love the info but am sometimes not the best at emailing or asking for info:)

Well less than 24 hrs till we get lots of info cant wait! My appt in the am is at 10:15 then our appt with Bethany is at 3 I cant wait. The excitement is building!

For my parents thought I would answer everything here-my parents are just those type of people that think they are too good for counseling, are the type of people you see on Sunday sometimes in church but are not regulars, they claim to be Christians but their actions sure dont show it. My parents both know how upset we are with them with their comments and maybe one day we will have a normal relationship but right now its very strained for sure.


Hillary said...

That's exciting! I wish I could read it, too! :)

Melmar23 said...

You can use to translate the site from Russian to English. You can see Regions, months of birth, gender, etc.