Back From DC

Hope everyone has had a great week we have had a great week but very exhausting to say the least. DC if you have never been is a city that you walk, walk and then some more. We walked anywhere from 5-8 miles a DAY! I think my feet felt like they were really about to fall off. I mean I walk pretty regularly but not that much.

When we got back though we got into serious shock from the difference in weather I mean we knew it would be hotter here but it about knocked you down. I must say I wish I could take the weather and our bed but other than that the rest can be left. People were just down right rude to us they need to learn some lessons from the southerners for sure!

Ill try to do a full update with pictures one day this week I need to organize almost 500 pictures and go through them. We did see a lot of history for sure.

In other news..there has been no word of any type from adoption stuff and doubt we will hear anything either. We have talked about other agencies and possibly even doing international adoption via Russia but its all talk now we will see. Ive been reading the The Adoption Decision: 15 Things you want to know before adopting and its really a great book Im almost finished with it and its taught me a few things.

Also, Im thinking about trying Femara this month anyone who has taken it I would love to hear your thoughts. I can get a FREE month of it so that would be nice as well! Ive just heard and read that Femara is not nearly as bad as Clomid which Ive taken for 6 mths with nothing so time to try something different.


Caroline said...

Hi Amber,

I'm glad that you had a good time in DC, but you sound much friendlier than the locals!

Rosie said...

Glad you enjoyed DC. My hubby wants to go visit so I'll make sure to take my walking shoes!

I actually know a couple of people who adopted from Russia & from what I heard, it's sooo much easier. And let me tell you, those girls are adorable! You should def. check into it.

twondra said...

Glad you had a good trip....but yikes about the walking! :)

Jen said...

glad your trip was great! can't wait to see the pics! also can't wait to hear what you guys decide to do. we've been talking about adoption a lot lately and reading about it and we're thinking if we wind up adopting, international is the way for us... at least for child #1. anyway, you guys will figure it out and decide what's best for you. i just love reading about it!!! GL if you try femera!!! hey, you can't beat free!

Rob & Lindsey said...

Hey Amber! Thanks for the sweet encouraging words you left me! It means so much to me! I just wanted to let you know that I did Femara by itself for 3 months and then with injections for 3 months. I didn't have any negative side effects at all. I have heard people say how bad the side effects are with clomid but I had none with femara...I would go for it!

Hillary said...

I know what you mean -- it freaks me out when I have short cycles. *sigh* Doctors say it doesn't matter (although 10 day lp is short!), but it doesn't feel right. Sorry you're on cd 1.

Stacey said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed DC! YES, the walking is intense! I nursed some pretty serious blisters during our week there. My mom went with us on our trip a few years back and when she got back home (no kidding) she lost 4 of her toenails from all the walking we did! :) (Don't worry, they grew back!)