Washington DC Trip-Part 2

Thursday- felt so worn out after walking so much that day! We went to the Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Capitol, Union Station, American History Museum, and Natural History Museum. Since we got tickets from our representative from MS we got to go inside the Capitol and actually see what it looks like. If you didn’t get tickets you just got to sit on the outside.
Supreme Court

Hope Diamond

us at the Library of Congress-amazing building all marble!

Friday-Another day of totally worn out. Went to see the Holocaust, Washington Monument (couldn’t get tickets to go to the top they were sold out in less than 30 minutes after they opened, but did get to see it I guess), Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial (one of my favorites), WW I Memorial, National Aquarium (don’t go here I could have gone to a pet shop and got more entertainment), Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon, Pentagon Memorial, and we got to paddleboat out on the Tidal Basin (my favorite part and it was only $10 for 1 hr!!)

Washington Monument

Paddle boat-Jefferson Memorial in the corner

World War II Memorial

Pentagon Memorial

Arlington Cemetery-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier-changing of the guards

Saturday-almost missed our flight because we didn’t think to check to see how often the buses ran. Well our luck we just missed one and we had to wait an additional 40 minutes for the next one! We got to the airport with about 40 minutes to spare and the rude woman at the airport had to take a break right when we got up to her. I was beyond pissed and wanted to throw something at her. She wasn’t even nice about it, rude, rude! We were able to get to our flight because it was delayed thank goodness but if not, I don’t think we would have made it.
Leaving on the subway


twondra said...

Love the pics! Glad you had a good time and were able to make the flight back home. :)

Jennifer said...

whoa, you guys did a lot! sounds like a great time though.