Getting to Know YOU...

I know I have had a lot of newbies and quite a few lurkers too so the topic today is getting to know you.

A few things about us you may or may not know:
-I have two brothers (one is 12, the other is almost 22)
-we are huge Mississippi State fans (not Univ. of MS-thats our rival) and you will get to hear lots more about that come Sept when Football season starts:)
-we have been married since May 2003
-have one little puppy (Pomeranian) named Brownie who is just a little spoiled:)
-I am a high school computer teacher (will be my 3rd year) and hubby is a software engineer at a local school district. We both love our jobs!
-lived in Nashville for 2 years (2005-2007) and dearly miss it but wanted to be close to family so moved back to MS.
-this will be our 15th month TTC
-looking at both domestic and international adoption (Russia). Will probably do domestic first, save some $ and head to Russia in a few years.

So now is your chance feel free to post anything:) I would like to know all those who are following our journey. Do you have any kids, struggle with infertility, looking to adopt, already adopted, what do you do for fun, etc. If there is anything I can pray for you about please share or email me. I look forward to learning more about those who are here. Please post a link to your blog also so I can visit:)


sarah m said...

Good idea! Nice to know a little more about you. :)

We are at the "home study" phase of the domestic adoption process after TTC for 2 1/2 years. I am so excited for this next phase of our lives! My blog is

Mandy Jo said...

Hi! My name is Mandy! I have one daughter who my husband and I adopted from birth! I knew at a young age I would probably have trouble TTC because of some issues I had. After a year of trying we just had a feeling we should check in to adoption! We were 20 and 21 at the time! On June 17, 03 we told our families we were going to adopt a baby and on July 4th, 03 we found out about our daughter! We live in Oklahoma and our birthmother was in California! We had to go everything in CA because I wasn't 21 and in OK you can't adopt a child if you aren't 21! She is 6 now!! Its unreal how fast your life goes when you become a mother! We are hoping to adopt again soon infact we are just now starting to update our homestudy and take the next steps! We never have gave up on TTC. So we have been TTC for 7 years now and are starting to realize that we are finally at a dead end. Best of luck to you!!!

Tina said...

Great idea to let other blog readers know more about you! I hope that all works out with the adoption process and your follicles!!

Breen said...

Neat idea that I might borrow in the future :)

I'm on a different type of adoption journey, embryo adoption which we feel God has lead us to and are excited to be on this journey.

Best of luck to you on your Journey.