Just a few updates.... for anyone curious

*Havent heard back about the homestudy yet. Tried to call the guy and his it went straight to vm.
*Talked to the RE nurse about possibly doing any progesterone pills, suppositories, etc. and she said that she didnt really think it was necessary now until I was on medicated cycles so we will see I guess.
*Picked up some B6 vitamins Im going to try that out and see what happens. Ive tried it before but I really didnt do it for a full cycle and it was only 50 mg, I got the 200 mg and will be taking it each day
*Ordered a new basal thermometer I hate the one I have and it was rated one of the best by Consumer Reports and it was under $10 + shipping so not bad.
*after reading lots of adoption blogs over the past few days I really just think God is really leading us towards adoption. Im excited to see what God has in store for us:)
*Talked to the lady at Bethany and she said that the wait for the initial meeting was 6-9 mths which was from May 4 when our initial application was accepted. Then from that date the average wait time is 1.5 to 2 years right now through their agency. Yikes thats a long time!
*2 more days until St. Louis I cant wait!
*A picture of my only little fur baby, Brownie for now. She is a bit spoiled...all 9 lbs of her


beth ewing said...

found you off elaine's blog. we're adopting too. are you guys looking into international adoption with Bethany?

beth ewing said...

wow that seems like a really long time for a domestic adoption. i'd love to tell you our story but i'd rather do it by email so feel free to email me at berthae17(at)yahoo.com.

Caroline said...

Your little dog is gorgeous!