So here I am thinking that AF was going to be here on Wednesday, today she still hasnt made it yet. Its pretty much like my urine has changed to light pink, just weird.

The only thing that I can really say that its like is implantation bleeding. It happens 6-12 days after O (mine would be 10 it started) and it lasts for 48-72 hrs. Implantation bleeding is scanty and usually pink or brownish discharge. Well see what happens.

I just wish AF would come or stay away. Its like mind games to see if Im paying attention or not and so very confusing!

A few articles if anyone wants to read more about implantation bleeding
Just Mommies article
Amazing Pg Article
Baby Med

If AF still doesnt come by Monday maybe I will retest. I know that God has a plan for us and right now I dont know what that is or when Ill know his plan but hopefully one day we will know:)


Jenny and Brett said...

Oh I feel for you! I had the same tricks played on me when we were trying to get pregnant. I would try not to get too excited or to get my hopes up, but in the end for me- it was always just late. But, that was God's plan for me and now that I have my two adopted angels, I am totally OK with everything I went through to get them here. I had to taste the bitter to recognize the sweet. Good luck with everything!

Sarah'sSmile said...

If you do get a BFP, call your OB and ask for progesterone suppositories to help maintain! My dr did that for me after I finally got preggers with Wade.
Still stalking!

Dianne said...

Oh that week before AF sucks!!!!! I spot before AF so of course I always though it might be implantation bleeding. It never was unfortunately, but I have Hope for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

I have honestly NEVER had spotting before thats what makes this that much more weirder. I cant figure out what my body is doing

Tina said...

I hope that it is implantation spotting! It is a really crazy thing about our bodies and hormones, though. A few months ago, I had my first spotting mid-cycle EVER. Well it was just my hormones deciding to get all wacked out. I really hope for you that it is different!!! I hope AF stays away!!!


Kelli said...

I hope you get to test on Monday and see a BFP!!!

G & H said...

wishing and hoping for implantation!!!! stay away AF and be a baby!


Parenthood For Me said...

HI Amber
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