I have added info on both sides-books, websites, etc. (one for adoption-left side, TTC-right side) for anyone who is interested. I got tired of always searching back through old posts to find that website so figured I would add them so I have a handy reference.

If anyone has websites, books, magazines, etc to share on either TTC or Adoption I would love to have them and I will get them added for future reference.


Michelle said...

Too weird, I've been thinking of foster care and have called a place in Michigan a bunch of times and have played phone tag with the lady. On the way home today, I was listening to the Christian music stationa dn I heard an ad for the Bethany Christian Services and how they are looking for foster parents. I don't know if your link has always been there, but I think God may be giving me a sign?! Too weird.

A book that I love is The INfertility Cure. It's written by an acupuncturist and has more natural approaches; diet, acupoints, massages, etc. I used to ALWAYS have sore boobs before my period, I did what it said and the last two periods, no sore boobs...