Adoption Paperwork

Just thought I would post it here for anyone who is curious what all paperwork you have to go through. Total of 54 pages of work

1) 4 references (2 pages each)
2) Employment verification for both
3) Adopt Application
4) Physical for both
5) Financial Statement (must include ALL assets- such as checking, stocks, bonds, all bills, insurance, etc.)
6) Form stating you cant use corporal punishment (think this is geared towards those adopting older children who have been abused)
7) Child Abuse Central Registry (make sure we are not bad people)
8) Background Check
9) Emergency/Evacuation Plan for your home
10) Directions to your Home
11) Referral / Option Out Request for an attorney to finalize adoption (they pay up to $600)
12) contract in order to be a resource home (means you have been fully certified and licensed to have children in your home) (4 pages long)
13) Life Story on each person (7 pages and they ask a lot of questions and want you to tell every little detail of your life)
14) Family rules and responsibilities (give you several different situations and ask how you would handle things such as chores when a child comes into your home, ask you to rate if any certain behavior is something you cant handle) (11 pages)

We still have to do our physical and CPR class. Physical we were told to come Monday then CPR class Im still trying to get a hold of someone to do it, so hopefully soon so we can get all our paperwork in soon!


Mimi said...

Wowza!!! That is a lot of paperwork! But SOOOOO worth it!!! I am so very excited for you to get this all done so you can move to the next step. Closer to bringing your baby home!!!


twondra said...

Holy cow! I can't believe how much it is!

MARY said...

making escrow on what turned out to be a deed restricted property sound easy!!!! Of course we are at over 100 email on the property and 300 pages, scanned, faxed or hand deliver. And now we have to wait for the city council meeting for the next step.
Hope things work out well.

Jen said...

whoa! i knew it was a lot, but it's interesting to learn what all exactly is in all that paperwork! best wishes in the process!