Adoption Class 4

We finished our fourth class last night which was on Behavior Management.

It was really eye opening to realize why some kids act out and it usually relates back to their past of course. Never really thought of it this way but sometimes when kids act out is when they need you the most just to be loved and held, not spanked and put into a corner and that can be very difficult of course.

In MS, they stated that they like to place kids within 50 miles of the birth mom which is kind of good and bad. Another thing that is kind of scary is going through the state they do not disclose the parents medical history so the parents could have a history of all types of stuff and we would never know which is just plain scary.

The trainers did state that they do get newborns but it is rare so either we will be waiting for a while or go with Bethany, we will see what happens its in Gods hands whatever happens.

Our next class on Tuesday is devoted almost entirely to adoption so I cant wait to see what we find out, hopefully more information.

Also, just wondering has anyone ever considered surrogacy? Not sure if we would go this route or not but it is interesting. Costs are about 10-15k and of course it would be partially or fully ours. If you know someone who has done it on either side or have any other info please share.

In other news, yesterday we found out some very disturbing news about my step grandfather which came as a huge shock. He is a deacon at the church him and my grandmother went to and was just a devote Christian guy or so we thought. Please say some prayers for my grandmother as she files for divorce over it all and picks up the pieces, so sad. Just goes to show you, you dont always know someone as well as you think you do.


Caroline said...

Hi Amber, Thanks for your comment on my blog...It is nice to "meet you". I'm sorry that I don't know much about surrogacy or adoption. It sounds as though you are exploring a few different options. I'll also keep your grandmother in my thoughts and prayers. C x

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Hello again;) I just want to say again that I really appreciate you posting your Adoption journey... Like I've said before My husband and myself might do this in the Future our selfs... I wouldn't mind at all having both biolagical and adopted children.... I would Love them the Differantly!!! I Like you just want to be a mother..

I will be a very cautious person if I ever do adopt though.. I would most likly Adopt Either over seas from China.. or just adopt in the USA because the chances of getting a new born are much better..

I also know for a Fact that for me it would have to be a "Closed Adoption"... I have to have complete control in raising my chilren.. Until the child is raised and I feel that their old enough.. then if they want to meet there birth mother I'm ok with that.. If I was adopted I would want to meet her and have questions most likly too..

I didn't know that In MS, they like to place kids within 50 miles of the birth mom.... I don't think that would work for me.. So I'm glad you posted this:)

Surrogacy? I don't know anyone who has done this BUT I would do this.. actully me or my sister who is only 2 yrs younger than me.. Either of us would do this for each other if one of us needed to:)
My mom would even do it if she wasn't 40.. the whole age thing you know..

I will be praying for your Grandmother... I'm so sorry!!!
This doesn't shock me too much unfortunately... I've seen some crazy stuff before.. People need to be aware ALSO to watch out for Perverts in the Church... Oh yes their there even though most people have no clue.. People Please watch your children and don't be so Naive.. Bad people are EVERY Where..

That being said I Love Church and it is a great Thing.. Don't let bad people or bad situations stop you from going.... Its all about God and your relation ship with him after all:)

Sorry Amber... I've done gone and wrote a book.. lol Please forgive me!!!
praying for you...


Mimi said...

I am so excited about your journey!!! I do want to say I;m sorry for your grandmother. Poor thing. It must have been pretty bad for her to file for divorce. I pray for her heart to heal. Take good care of her honey.


beth ewing said...

hey i came over from ashley's blog. we're acutally in the process of doing a domestic infant adoption so if you have any questions i'd love to answer them. bethany was our first choice for an agency but we don't like close enough to one. i've been really happy with our path though. i've also done some research on all types of adoption as we tried to decide. as for surrogacy, i've always thought when we're done with this journey that i'd love to do it for a friend that was struggling. maybe you could find a friend or family member and then you wouldn't have to pay them.