Adoption Class 2

Class # 2 was regarding Seperation and Loss which I found was geared towards adopting older children because they usually are the ones that deal with this more than an infant which is what we want.

For all the newbies-my husband was adopted when he was very young so I think that is why he has always been more open to adoption than me. His mother and father both passed away when he was 7 & 8 but he was taken from his mother when he was young due to a boyfriend beating him almost to death. The guy doing the classes asked him to talk about his experience with adoption for the last class.

We also found out that we will have to do an additional class for CPR to make sure I guess we can perform such duties if we had to.

New Info to me...
-found out that once a parents parental rights are surrendered there is nothing that a parent can do to get them back
-some families who adopt want to have contact with the birthparent and allow visitations to see the child (not sure how I feel about this because to some kids it could bring back hurtful memories that their parent left them)
-in MS a parent has 72 hrs to reverse their decision regarding having their baby adopted
-Home study is done usually within 30 days (thats the timeframe they like to meet), home study takes about 2-3 hrs they stated because they have to inspect your home and also you have to fill out a ton more paperwork as well.
-stated that a child can be placed a day after the home study is completed which of course I must admit I turned to Chad and thought holy cow if all that happens and home study is completed by early July we could have a child in July thats not much time. Of course we would make it work and would love the child but that was just a wow moment I couldnt believe it would be that quick.

Again if anyone has questions or any comments please share.


Michelle said...

Hi! Thanks for this blog. I have been asking God for some answers and I feel like he's leading me to adoption/foster care. Your info was great. Nice to meet you!

Lacy said...

Hi Amber, I just read your last few blogs catching up on where you are! I am sorry to hear that this month was another BFN, and a totally agree about Jim & Pam. Of course they got pregnant accidentily...doesn't that happen for everyone in real lift too? NOT! I am excited to hear more about your Adoption classes, and hoping that this could be your path to motherhood!

Megan said...

I don't think I've been to visit you before. Good luck in your journey to having a child. You're further along that my hubby and me.