Adoption Places

Thought this was rather interesting regarding Adoption places (thanks for the info on!)

Adopt Help
BBB rating: A+
Business Start Date: 8/15/1995
Couldnt find really anything wrong with it
Consumer ratings

Adoption Network (place that called yesterday-rude person!)
BBB rating: B-
Business Start Date: 7/7/2007 (hasnt even been in existence for 2 years!)
Numerous complaints about the company and some said their 4 mth average is not true either. They also had some that complained that the services were never granted and they could not get a refund.
Stay away from these people!
Consumer ratings

Bethany Christian Services
BBB Rating: B-
Business Start Date: does not list
No complaints or info regarding this one, interesting they received the same rating with no complains as Adoption Network
consumer ratings

If you want to look at any other company here is the link:

Top 20 agencies according to this site (not in any particular order)
1)Hopscotch Adoptions Inc
2)About A Child
3)Little Bit of Heaven Adoption Agency
4)Spence Chapin
5)Happy Families International Center
6)Aurora International Adoption
7)Catholic Social Services of North Carolina
8)Partners for Adoption
9)AAI Adoptions and Aid International
10)Adopt Help Law Center
11)Adoption Center of San Diego
12)All God's Children
13)Heart of Adoptions
14)New Horizons Adoption Agency
15)AAA Partners in Adoption
16)Adoption Access
17)Adoption Choices
18)Adoption Services Associates
19)Adoptions Plus
20)Alaska International Adoption

Ones listed with BBB that have an A+
1) A is 4 Adoption
2)A-W Friendship Homes, Inc.
3)AdoptHelp, Inc.
4)Adoption Consultants, Inc.
5)Adoptions Unlimited, Inc.
6)Independent Adoption Center

Several received A-, but saw a few that received D and F, yikes thats pretty scary to think of. Just thought I would share my findings it was really interesting to see these places that we maybe getting a child from, wish the state had this as well.


G & H said...

Dang girl thank you! You just saved me alot of time :) I have been waiting for this quarter of school to really dive in head first with it all..cant wait to click on everything and explore!


Tina said...

I am so glad that you did all of your homework! I can't believe they even have agencies that have a D or F. Good luck with your adoption agency search. I would think that the right agency would make this a completely wonderful experience while the wrong one...