Big Week Ahead....


Isnt everyone glad its almost the weekend?! This has been an incredibly long week for me with school (trying to finish up) and it seems like anything and everything else.

Next week will be a much better week I think. Wednesday we have our first adoption class, Thursday will be the second (two days in a row). The classes are 3 hrs long each so we will have 6 hrs behind us once those two are over with and have 3 left, 2 the following week, and then one the next. Im actually really looking forward to learning more information about adoption because I honestly dont know much at all. Thursday will also mark the last day of school as well.

I think Ive also decided to wait it out to test until Thursday. If AF still hasnt come by Thursday then I would feel pretty good about things since that would be CD 31 and depending on when I O, it would put me at about 12-16 DPO which I have honestly never made it past 9 DPO. So Thursday seems like it could mark a big day, well see.

Yesterday afternoon me, my mom and brother went out to the local flea market for our area that happens twice a year and they had so many cute clothes for baby and so many cute things for kids nurseries as well. It was kind of sad to know that I wotn be buying that stuff anytime soon. I was also shocked to see the sticker price on some of that stuff as well, yikes I could go buy some Polo stuff for as much as that stuff cost! My mom did say she thinks we will have a girl because she knows I would love a little girl. Honestly I would take either and be happy with either as well. Maybe one day Ill be able to go back there and get some of that cute day...

Then last night hubby had a softball game and one of the guys that plays on the teams wife also comes to all the games (good to have someone to talk to!) Well last week another one of the wives asked both of us when we would be having a baby. Isnt this the famous line you absolutely hate?? Ive come to really dread this question. Well we both said that we were trying. I had no idea they were and was rather shocked but was kind of excited to have a close friend to talk about things with. Well last night she asked me a ton of questions about tracking your fertility, all these little things dealing with getting pg and I shared kind of our story too. She was saying that she is on day 38 and is trying to figure out if she was pg or just irregular periods. A part of me would be really excited for her to be pg but the other part of me would be a bit jealous that she could get pg after one month.

Tonight is graduation for all the seniors its kind of bitter sweet. Its amazing how these kids have grown and truly amazing to see the difference between even one year. It will be the last time I see some of them, of course some I will see at Mississippi State games since we are big MSU fans.

Hope you girls have a great weekend and a great Friday!


Rosie said...

It's always nice to have someone to talk to. Luckily, I too can talk to a great friend, Tiffany, who is going through the same thing.
With the famous question(are you going to have babies soon?) it's definately hard, but you just have to smile and say "we're trying." Don't let it bring you down :)It will happen eventually!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I feel the same way about baby cothes ex. when I'm around them:(

My anwer to the Famous Qu. is usually... "I don't know.. one day"

As I am very private about it and don't want evey one I know to talk about it and to know all of my personal stuff.. Especially when it's things that will highly upset me... That "Question" is the WORST!!!