God has plans for us...

2 Chronicles 20:12
O our God, will you not execute judgment on them? For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I have found numerous verses and have saved quite a few and will share as the days go along but this verse just really had great meaning today for some reason. Is it not true for those who have IF problems as we have that it is a great horde or something we dont want. We should set our eyes upon God and trust his great ways. Only God knows what to do, not us.

Today we went to lunch with some friends at church who have two young children, one whom is 5 mths old. As I sat there I honestly kept thinking how i wish we could just have a baby. I was then reminded that God has great things in store for us, we dont know what that is or when it will be but I have faith God will bring us out of this and hopefully with a little baby that will be worth the long wait whether it be naturally or through adoption.

Im really anxious for this week because it will tell a lot of things...whether we want to go through the state for adoption or Bethany (the classes we are going through are through the state), whether IUI worked or not. My dear sweet husband asked me yesterday so when can you test I hope this is it for us. I told him I really dont know when I want to test Im trying to wait it out as long as possible. He also couldnt believe that tomorrow will mark CD 28 which normally means AF is usually here by then or some sign of her.

Im trying not to read into signs or symptoms because I feel like Ive read into some in months past and really got my hopes up but anyway Ive been extremely nauseous for the past few days, I ended up having to get Sprite to help my stomach a little which helps some or at least for a little while, Ive been extremely tired and feel like always wanting to go to sleep but this could also happen if AF comes too because Im always so much more tired, & bad headaches. So not sure what all this really means well see sometime this week. Either if AF arrives or if I get BFP which if AF still hasnt come by Thursday Ill probably test but Im a little nervous to test as well so please send some prayers our way.

I was thinking this morning how busy this week is going to be..
Monday-season finale of 24, any other watchers out there?
Tuesday-getting my hair cut (still need to figure this out), Chads softball game
Wednesday-adoption class (3 hrs)
Thursday-adoption class (3 hrs), end of school, if AF hasnt arrived will test
Friday-pack for trip to nashville
Saturday, Sunday, Monday-heading to Nashville
Sunday-6 year anniversary

Hopefully this week will be a great week!


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you!!! I love reading the verses you post.. Keep them coming:)


G & H said...

ah i wished you lived close cuz i can tell so much how we are very much in the same life phase as one another!

just q question

have you guys considered ivf?

i know when we came to the choice of adoption so many things including ivf crossed our minds and i was wondering your thoughts on IVF vs. adoption...

we have our adoption county meeting tuesday...im excited to finally do somrthing towards adoption although who knows if we will go thru the state or not...