Adoption Class 3

Last night we went to our 3rd class on Adoption and have 3 more left to go to. Last night the topic of discussion was on Developmental Stages and went in heavily talking about abused chidren.

Its really sad to me that some grown adults can be so sick to sexually abuse a child. Some very alarming statistics that were shared
*1 out of every 3 girls are sexually abused
*1 out of every 5 boys are sexually abused
*75-95% of children living in foster care are sexually abused

These statistics to me were very alarming. We watched a video of a child who was sexually abused by her own father (how sad is that??) and then was placed into foster care after she told her teacher at school one day. So many of these kids never tell anyone so no one even knows, just so sad to hear and so sad some of these kids dont know a difference.

They were also telling the story of a kid who was 2 or 3 yrs old and pleasured himself until he bled. I just couldnt fathom at such a young age but these kids who are sexually abused do things like that. It just really breaks my hurt to even think about such a thing. It really made me also realize that adoption is the way if we can take just one kid out of bad situation like that then thats one less kid.

Tonight will be our 4th class, then we will have our 5th class next Tuesday which supposedly is dealing with adoption in great detail so Im looking forward to it. Then we have to go through CPR training, then home study then we will be done and ready to adopt..yeah!

In other news, Im really surprised how fast this cycle for me is going by guess Ive tried to take my mind off of it but already on day 11, where did the time go?! Ive also experienced something weird and not sure if anyone else has experienced if so please share but Im not taking Clomid this month but still seem to be experiencing some hot/cold flashes. I thought I was done with these but I guess not. Granted they are not nearly as bad but its just odd.


Ashley said...

It's horrible what people do to children...and we would give anything to have a baby!! ((HUGS))

Onna said...

Alarming statistics :( It is so sad to read that and get my head and heart to realize it's accurate and reality :(

Many Hugs girlie. 11 days in and you seem to have a tremendous outlook!

Stay strong!

Tina said...

OMG, that is so alarming. Those statistics are just horrible. What y'all are doing is amazing - all the best wishes to y'all!