Hebrews 10:23
Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.

I love finding verses and have truly realized that verses help me through the tough times to remember that we are not alone God is with us each step of the way regardless if he gives us what he wants at the time we want or not. God has a perfect plan for us and I have to have faith that we will win this battle whether we adopt or God blesses us with a miracle with our blood. Ill be happy with each one but believe me its something Ive really had to pray about.

Why might you ask? I was always against adoption sure I thought people are great for adopting I never looked down on anyone who did but for me I was very selfish and told myself, husband and anyone around that I had to be pg, God could not possibly not let me have one of our own could he? Well God has really been speaking to both of us and its required a lot of prayers to even get me to fill out a application. Now Im excited but of course seem to have a guard up because I worry about well too many things but again well see what God has in store for us.

Yesterday when I got home I went to check the mail and found a newsletter from Stepping Stones. For anyone who is not familiar with it, its a organization through Bethany (Adoption service) that ministers to women who are suffering with infertility, here is the site for anyone interested. It really gave me hope to hear stories and just really an inspiration. Its a free service.

Tonight me and hubby went swimming with my family (2 brothers-21, & 12), mom, dad, and my brothers gf. I honestly cant say how rewarding that was, I forgot truly how much I love swimming and how much I needed that to relax take the stress out of everything (most importantly TTC-it can be so stressful!). Maybe I will remember that and go over to my parents and swim some more laps and get in really good shape and lose those last stubborn 30 lbs!

So anyway all this to say I truly feel so hopeful, hopefully the week to come will be ok. A week from today I can test but honestly think I will wait a while maybe till Thursday. Wednesday, and Thursday we have the adoption classes and I hope I learn some info about it because I honestly dont know much about the topic.

Last, I just realized that in only 5 days I have had 127 visitors, wow I feel so blessed to have so many amazing women reading along, thank you for your support it really does help! If I havent been to your blog can you please leave a comment and post your blog address and Ill come stop by!

Hope you girls are having a great week, Im finishing up with the last few days with my classes so it seems like it will be a partly busy rest of the week with finalizing all the final exams for all my classes, getting all grades in and then deep cleaning all that stuff. All I have to say though is May 21 is the last day of school I cant wait!


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Bible verses always help me also and in so many ways too:)

Praying for you and that God will send you the babies that he wants
you to have.. Please do the same for me..

although I haven't filled out any adoption paper work.. I'm
not against it at all.. and if my husband and I are not ment to have our blood children we will Definitely Adopt. I just want Gods will concerning having childen:)

Onna said...

I too love when I find a verse that really makes me take a step back and realize that he's always in control! Many prayers for you this week. I'm so glad you enjoyed swimming. I can't wait to swim!

Mimi said...

Infertility is so heart wrenching but don't ever let it get in the way of your marriage or family or friends. Trust in the Lord. He will lead you in the right direction. Hugs to you and good luck!


Jennifer said...

Are you signed up on the Stepping Stones forum? I joined that a couple months ago. Haven't posted much, just reading mostly. I am not my usual sign-in name there, I am cabinfever.

Amber said...

I have not signed up for the forums got the newsletter from Bethany