Adoption Network

A while back we pretty much requested information from a bunch of adoption agencies just wanted to see different fees, what was offered and what the difference was.

Well I got a call back from a very rude and hateful woman from Adoption Network today by the name of Suzie. I called just seeing what they were all about and such. I kept asking her the question what is the fee, she could never answer my question and she got really offended I think because I asked how much it would cost. She then bothered to tell me that obviously she had someone else she had to speak with and if I wanted any further information I had to schedule a phone call "interview" if I wanted anymore information. This woman was just downright hateful, hateful might not be the word for it.

The last thing I said to her was I would not be interested in a company that could treat their customers with such disrespect as you have, she said fine and hung up.

Quite frankly Im in shock that an Adoption place could be so hateful. If anyone ever thinks of Adoption, do not use Adoption Network how rude she was.

Then in other news it seems like all this stuff with the RE doctor adds up so quickly, I have to pay another whopping amount due to our stupid no good insurance not covering anything and I just paid a good bit last week when I went. Not that we dont have the money in savings but I would like to keep some in there. When does the road end.

To say the least its been a tough afternoon...maybe tomorrow will be better!


G & H said...

Ugh! Sounds like a rough day! I am so glad you did post that about adoption network because as all us adoptive future parents know finding a agency is so hard! We're still feeling unsure and checknig outplaces...#1 on our list is I have heard great things and have also been treated amazingly thus far and we havent even signed with them! Check them out and thank you again for spreading the word about adoption network!

Rob & Lindsey said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a comment! I am glad you started an infertility blog. They are so therapeutic and it feels good to be in contact with others that are going through the same things! Take Care!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

sorry you had to deal with that weird grumpy woman today:(

And I glad you posted about "adoption network" and warned everyone about them..

I'll deff. remember that:)

G & H said... isnt cheap...its around 20 grand i talk to two people one of whom spent 22 grand and the other had a lot of birth mom expenses and spent 35 grand so there advice was make it clear how much you are willing to spend on birth mom and no more...

From what I see the straight costs are around 18 lawyer etc...go on there website and request a package they are VERY nice and the package is really helpful!