Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and Im not too fond of it at all, the girl that cuts my hair usually does a fantastic job but yesterday I guess she just had an off day. I asked her to cut it to my shoulder and she cut it right below my ear. Hair grows thank goodness because its just not me at all. Ill try to post a picture of it soon.

Tonight we start adoption classes Im anxious to get some more information about it. Each class is 3 hrs long so we should at least get a good bit of info. The classes are as following:
Wed, May 20-Teamwork and the Children Served
Thurs, May 21-Separation and Attachment

Wed, May 27-Developmental Stages
Thurs, May 28-Behavior Management

Tues, June 2-Permanent Connections

Hopefully we will get lots of information tonight Ive been quite anxious for this day now for well ever since I got the letter. I feel like we are so not in the know about all this stuff with the adoption and know very little.


Kelli said...

Hello :) I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know that I hope your meeting went well tonight! Such an exciting step! Good luck!