Start to the school year

What a whirlwind of 2 days it has been! Well as most of you know Im a high school computer teacher and with that comes computers (21 + mine to be exact). Well the logins for all my students to login has not worked for their particular login, then on top of that I find out that I havent been moved over to the new server....oh yes my life has been quite the hectic place lately.

I have survived somehow..there is a lot more to to the story but thats the short version of it:) Ive been so upset at the particular dept it took 4 days to come out, they came out and stuff still isnt fixed and they told me I have to create a WO to get the rest fixed. Its a good thing I had a class or I might have strangled the tech. So they have to come back out to get it done.

I still have 7 of my 21 that dont work so I have to wing it with teaching until they get taken care of. I really dont know what Im going to do with them tomorrow. I mean the first day was fine I had enough for them to do but the 2nd day is getting into the hard part especially with block classes.

Ok did any of that stuff just make any sense..haha! I think Im just babbling now...

Some funny/dumb blonde things from my kids the past 2 days Ill share
-you listen to Dave Matthews, my parents listen to them (we all said what our fav musician/band was)
-you worked at the fancy school..haha
-did you get shot at your old school (it was in a bad area of town)..I had to state I am here arent I..haha
-what does compose an email mean..yes really they did say it
-what is economics (state its pretty much banking, finance, etc and they had no clue what that!)
-do people at vanderbilt smoke that green you know bad stuff

I think thats all I can think of for now..I know theres more but my brain is kind of dead right now.

No news really on anything to do with adoption, its been a crazy/hectic start to the week hopefully it will get better. I really think Im going to enjoy my kids this year

Then I had one of my students say that they are pg and are finding out if its a boy or girl tomorrow. Um this makes my frustration rise. Kids in high school having kids and we cant even have one. Really Im ok with it but its like when you think you are ok you get hit with a brick like this. Then another one of my friends announced her pg on facebook..its her 4th..yeah cant I just have one?!


Mandy Jo said...

Welcome back to school! This is my first year in 6 to now work! I feel wierd that all the kids are going back to school and I am not getting my room ready! Toward the end of last year I had several girls in my last hour that was pregnant..I just wanted to crawl in a whole when they was complaining about being pregnant and how much of a loser the baby daddy was..

Sarah'sSmile said...

I'm sorry you had to start so early :) I'm sure you'll be out before us again, though!

Kids say the darndest things. I hope your computers get smoothed out quickly. Our computers classes are always like that...nothing ever works after sitting idle all summer. Unfortunately, I think it is par for the course :(

Kellie said...
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Kellie said...
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Dana said...

It does sound like you have had a busy begining to school! Don't you just hate when things don't go like you planned? My labs do that sometime :)

It is hard to hear that your kids are pg. I remember how it would just kill me to hear them talk about it. Sending you tons of hugs sweetie!