Recipe Blog

Anyone else obsessed with recipes? Yes Im very guilty so I finally started a recipe blog with lots of sites if you are interested. If you have any sites Ive missed please share or if you have a recipe you want to be added just send me an email or leave a comment:)

Im finally feeling back to normal now thank goodness and I think I passed the kidney stone too..yeah! Now its back to working full days tomorrow. One week from tomorrow the kids come this week is going to go by so quickly so much to do. As soon as we get the picture back from our friend we are going to submit everything to CA so exciting!


G & H said...

That is exciting!

I have a question for you since you are a photoshop expert? What would you charge to do a profile?

Breen said...

That sounds fun. I'll definitely be following that. I'm sure Cart would like me to cook more often. Check out the blog Slow Cooking for a year. She doesn't post regularly anymore but there are recipes on there for all sorts of things.

sarah m said...

So glad you are feeling better! :)