What a day today has been. This morning with our school we went to the ropes course. Now keep in mind Im the girl that had no physical anything and plays/played no sports so the ropes course put a big huge "red flag" saying Im going to make a fool out of myself in front of all these other teachers whom Ive just met since I swtiched schools this year.

Well I survived the low ropes course and our group did so well I decided to be brave and try the high ropes course-brave yeah or maybe peer pressure. I climbed a 30 ft rock wall and did the zip line jumping off of 30 ft high. Can I just say how tough climbing a 30 ft rock wall was I feel like my arms are now jello! I dont think Ive ever drank so much water so quickly afterwards-I think I drank 3 16.9 oz bottles in like a record oh maybe 30 minutes. I think I did earn my exercise for today and will be paying for it tomorrow..haha!

Then got back to my room, and finally decided to tackle it and its a living nightmare. The girl that I took over for didnt leave on good terms and left the room in such a mess its ridiculous! There are 3 other teachers + me in my particular area and they have offered to help me out tomorrow because its so bad. Im lucky to have such wonderful people that are willing to help me out so greatly. At my old school you would have never seen that happen!

I just feel so overwhelmed right now (always do this time of year) and am trying to just breath right now and survive and kids come back Monday. There are so many little things that no one told me about with setting up all the lab computers (since I teach computer) and its just really got me stressing out...why didnt someone tell me this earlier so I could do it??? Chads almost entire family is coming down this weekend to visit I dont know what I was thinking by agreeing to this. I know we will have fun but the weekend before school starts back..eeks! I keep telling myself I will survive...I will survive...can someone please remind me of this?!

In other news...I was talking to a co-worker and somehow we got on the topic of kids and anyway she was saying that her and her husband TTC for 7 years and were told they would never have kids. They now have 3 kids (all singles) and she said they proved the doctors wrong! It gave me a bit of hope that maybe one day!

Adoption News..heard from the lady at CA and our profile will be up no later than tomorrow night by midnight I cant wait to see it! Yeah...yeah!

So all in all it was a crazy day...short recap
1) High and low ropes course..was fun!
2) stressful day with school and everything that has to be done BEFORE Monday!
3) Hope from a fellow co-worker
4) Adoption News---on by tomorrow night at midnight..yeah!


Sarah'sSmile said...

The beginning of the school year always stresses me out. This'll be my 12th year teaching, and I still get nervous. All the kids are new and it is just nerve wracking.

Just don't let them see you sweat, they are all new too! Find another teacher to be your mentor!!! It'll make a world of difference!

Jen said...

this time of year can be CRAZY! don't get too stressed out before the kids get there... they bring enough stress as it is!

yay about your profile!!! i'm going to be checking for it!

Joy said...

Reading about your day made me smile. I may sound a bit crazy but it sounds like you had fun even though it was stressful. I can just picture you sitting in a very messing room and laughing. At least that is what I hope you did.

Ashley said...

You can do it!!! Thinking about you;)

Jen said...

i saw your profile on CA!!!! WOOHOO! looks GREAT!