Contact 2

Just a little update on BM 2
We talked to her a few times on Friday and we asked for US pics and all the sudden contact stopped. We really dont know what happened quite frankly but she contacted 5 other couples and none have heard back from her since Friday. Im kind of putting it behind me and saying this one is over with.

Today has been a great day with church and lots of church friends. Our pastor had a great sermon and we had a wonderful Sunday School service as well. We were challenged to spend more time in the word and in prayer. Its something Ive really been trying to do more. Its definitely a tough thing to do when you seem so busy but I know that with this time that it will help me to be closer to God. It really has shown me why we go to the church we go to and it makes me feel very blessed for so many wonderful people to be praying for us during this time.

I feel like Ive already been on a emotional rollercoaster and Ive just started the process. I know it will all be worth it in the long run but right now its so hard not to get so excited over any contact. I know one of these contacts will work out for us when God sends us the perfect BM.


Jen said...

weird. i hope she's just taking it all in and making sure she decides for sure who she wants to keep talking to and picks you! who knows, maybe she's out of town or something... you never know!

i love your new blog look by the way! so cute!

Mandy Jo said...

Let me start off by saying "I LOVE the new background:)" That is to wierd? Hope you find a BM that is a perfect match for you soon:)

Onna said...

The new background is great, I agree!

I'm sorry about the BM contact. Seems weird that she stopped contact like that.

You will find the perfect one soon I know it!


Vanessa said...

Hello, my name is vanessa and I'm a birthmother of 2 little boys. Please do not be discouraged..You seem like a wonderful lady and you sound like you would make a wonderful mother!!! God is looking down and on you with a smile on his face!! Remember that He said that He would give you the desires of your heart!!! God Bless YOU!!!