Adoption Questions

I have gotten so many questions regarding adoption and our information. If you have a question about anything to do with adoption or our personal situation (how we got here, why adoption, etc) please leave a comment or send me an email at and this week Ill compile all of them and post them all at once!
Thank you girls for all the sweet comments Im just in amazement of them all and how great things have turned out:) I cant wait to get the call for our baby!

For anyone that missed the last post we got put up almost 24 hrs from now..yeah!!


Michelle said...

Hello. I wanted to say Hi, I found your blog via another blogger friend. I am an adoptive mother of a 1 year old. She was adopted at birth. Our birth mother chose us when she was 7 months along and my husband and I were blessed enough to be present at her birth. It has been a wonderful experience. I wish you so much luck on your adoption journey!

Mandy Jo said...

:) Makes me smile!

Breen said...

You've been awarded the "one lovely blog" award...details on my blog.