Some questions have come from emails, blog comments, and some have been asked by family and friends and thought I would add those in as well:)
CA=Christian Adoption
Are you already up for consideration? I thought there was a slight wait? Yep we are already up for consideration as of 7 days ago:) We had to wait a few days before going up online (a few days)
Do you have to do a life book? nope
Are you excited to be with CA? Yep its really a great group of people
Whats the average waiting time with CA? 3-10 mths
Whats the average cost with CA? 5-12k
How did you find CA? Kellie from Life and Adoption told me about CA after I guess I sensed some great frustration in our path towards adoption and I will forever be grateful for her decision to tell us:)
Are there any blogs of people who have adopted or are in the process from CA? Yes...
1) Kellie from Life and Adoption has just started the process just like us,
2) Mindy and Jonathan from Bartling Miracles have adopted one little boy from CA and are now on the waiting list for another
3) Warren and Tamla from Our Adoption Journey ...adopted a child
4) Patrick & Tracy from Too Blessed to be Stressed....adopted a child
Will you have to do another home study since you already completed one? Yes we will have to complete another one because the SW who did it did not have a MSW so it will not be honored
How did you get started on the journey of adoption? Chad & I always knew that we wanted to adopt at least one child but we thought we would have one then adopt one but God had other plans for us. We first filled out our application through our state to adopt and went through the 15 hrs of classes that it took and were very disappointed with how things went but still went on with. During our time of wait we filled out our application with Bethany Christian Services and were told we would have to wait 6-9 mths before we would even be in our initial class and then after that it would be another 1-3 years totaling at least close to 2 years and up to 4 years.
How does CA work? You have to pay a $2500 fee to be listed online and you have to write a dear birthmother letter. Once you complete that it takes a few days to be listed on the site and after that point and time you could get a call from a birthmother at any point and time. You list your own phone # (we got a 1-800) and also your email address so they could literally call you at any point of the day. CA is almost like a facilitator for private/independent adoptions. For adoption agencies and attornies they are not allowed to ask their client if they are a christian unless they are a christian agency (its against the law big time) so if an attorney or agency has a birthmother that wants to have a christian family then they turn to a place like Christian Adoption to find a home for their precious child. The lady who runs CA helps you along the way if you have questions, need help, etc.
Is CA an agency? No they are not an agency
Why domestic over international adoption? We are not against international by any means and hope to do an international adoption through Russia after our first adoption which hopefully will be in a few years.
How old is the oldest child you would take? we have said that 2 years old would be the oldest child we are comfortable with but of course would love a newborn as well.
Are you planning on doing a nursery before you get a call? No we will not do anything with a nursery until we are matched
Is there any guarantee with CA? No there is no guarantee but they do have a great success rate:) The fee that you pay you can be on for 2 years, after that you have to pay an additional fee
How do you feel about an open adoption? I am open to one just depends on the birthmother in all honesty. If that is what the birthmother wants then of course we would definitely do it.
Do you think you will ever have a child on your own? it depends on what is in Gods will, we are ok with adopting all our children and not having one on our own. We will see what God has in store for us:)

I think Ive answered everything:) If anyone has another questions that something from here sparks please email me at or leave a comment and Ill add it to the list!


Mimi said...

You are such a strong woman. I am so very excited for you and hope and pray your dreams come true.


Mandy said...

Hello, Found your blog thru another adoption blog. We did a domestic adoption last Sept. almost a year ago we brought the most Beautiful baby boy thru the miracle of adoption!!! Praying for your journey. I going to become a follower of your blog so I can follow you thru your adoption journey. Best wishes, Mandy

Tina said...

YAY for being up for consideration already! I really hope that y'all have a short wait!!!