Its settling in....

Thank you girls for all the wonderful comments Im just in amazement. I go back and think of all those days, nights when I either got a BFN or AF showed up and I wondered many nights if we would remain childless forever, it was so tough. I think all those hard times and lots of tears shed have really helped to show me to be patient and never give up on God because he sure never gives up on us.

I think the nausea (havent thrown up yet) and the absolute exhaustion have sure helped me to realize that maybe I really am pregnant and its not all in my head.

We have only told a few people and we are waiting until Im a little farther along to tell others. We told one of our friends today (we debated back and forth whether to tell or not but now Im glad I did) and their reaction was absolutely priceless. They know our road and our walk through. She told me to call her doctor (remember I dont have a regular OB-GYN been going to a RE) and she highly recommended her and said she is absolutely amazing for first time moms. I of course had so many questions for her and she is such a great friend to answer all my logical and probably dumb questions..haha! She just had her baby back in April so its all fresh on her mind too.

I researched how to get pg but being pg is just cluless so Im learning all this stuff. I ordered three books to hopefully help because I am clueless when it comes to pregnancy. The books are
1) Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy
2) What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting
3) What to Expect When You're Expecting: 4th Edition

Are there any other books that anyone would recommend to get? Im trying to read all I can to figure this out I feel so far out in left field


Jen said...

One book that I loved was Your Pregnancy Week by Week. It gave you a good reference every week on how big baby was and topic relevant to that time period of your pregnancy.

I didn't like What to expect when your expecting that much, but it was good reference for when I had a specific question.

Sarah'sSmile said...

Your baby doesn't read the books. That's what my mom told me. Every pregnancy is different and isn't "textbook" by any don't freak out when your baby isn't doing something (inside) or your body isn't doing something that you read that it should be doing.

Relax, enjoy and relish in the fact that God has provided a miracle!

Kelli said...

So glad you have a good friend to bounce all your questions off of...that helps!!

And to answer your ? -
Monday is a Jewish holiday and all public schools in our area have the day off! I'll be praising Jesus for the long weekend! :)

Rosie said...

Hey girl!
I'm reading What to Expect...but it's easy to get ahead & end up having to go back to the week you are in to see what you're expecting. I've gone to lots of websites but my favorite is babycenter. Sign up (it's free) and they send you lots of info about your pregnancy week by week. Hope that helps!

Katie said...

My OB actually gave me a book called "Your Pregnancy and Childbirth" (I think?). It was a good one without being too doomsday. I've never read "What to Expect When You're Expecting," but I've heard that it's sort of pessimistic. I wasn't a big fan of "What to Expect Your First Year."

Andrea said...

I don't care for the WTE series... I prefer the books/online websites that detail week by week as it gives me something to look forward to reading each week instead of month to month. Also I found the WTE books were pretty generic and when it came to a specific question, their answer is always "check with your doctor".

For laughs, read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Pee your pants funny! My hubby enjoyed this one too! ... we didn't care for the one about mommyhood, but the pregnancy one was great.

Also The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy! Funny stuff!

Are you going to breastfeed? That is something I'd grab a good LLL book for - I wish I'd done more reading about that ahead of time and less during the "I'm so tired but I NEED this info" time (aka, after baby was here and not eating!)

Sleep issues... another area maybe to check out - okay, so you asked for pregnancy books, but these are still ones you'll want to read during pregnancy :) ... I really like the "happiest baby on the block" book. Also comes in DVD for the sleep deprived parent who didn't read it prebaby :)
We also like "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child" - but that's not everyone's cup of tea.

Gingercross said...

Hallelujah. I'm so excited for you Amber that I can't contain myself.

God is so faithful and has a plan for us all, even when we have doubts.

Lots of prayers for a happy and healthy 9 months.

Angie said...

I loved Babycenter when I was pregnant (and now) can find a group of women who are due around the same time (first time pregnancies or you can even find a group of "pros") who can commiserate with you and answer "Is this normal?" questions. I found it SO helpful, and even to this date we all keep in touch. Also, Babycenter will send you week-to-week emails detailing what you could/should be experiencing.

Oh, and I second someone else's suggestion of Happiest Baby on the Block---but I highly recommend reading it before is too busy afterwards.

I did read the What to Expect book...but one warning--while there is lots of great info in there it also has a lot of areas in it that could scare the life out of a first time pregnancy/mom.


Dana said...

Ahhhhhhhh!! Congratulations!!!! OMG, I am so excited for you!!! This is the most amazing time, enjoy every second of your pregnancy, it flies by! And you are due two days before my needs to come on the 5th :)

I didn't really like the What to Expect book. It was overwhelming and I felt like I was doing so much wrong :). I love the week by week pregnancy book, it really lets you see what to expect every week. And subscribe to Baby Center, I love the weekly updates! The Bump has good updates too :)

Congrats again, I am soooo happy for you all!!!

Stacie Grahn said...

This is so wonderful to read! It gives me so much hope, and I feel like it will happen for me too! You are so right that God never gives up on us! Thank you for writing that first paragraph because that is what I needed to hear!

Again, I am just so happy that you have your miracle!!!! Praying for you lots and I am so excited to follow along reading your journey!!!