Ready for Friday!

This will mark post 99, next post will be 100!

Tomorrow is Friday the best day well maybe Saturday is better so we can sleep in. I have honestly had a great week. My mom has came around somehow. I called my dad (who is a good mediator) and maybe he talked some sense into her. We had a long talk yesterday afternoon for about 2 hrs. We will see how long things are good this time.

Tomorrow we head to Nashville, I absolutely cant wait. I love Nashville and miss it terribly. If we could take our jobs and our house we would move tomorrow, but of course thats not how life works. Im just hoping the rain holds off for the game Saturday night and maybe we can win, well see.

Boot Camp is still going good I love the feeling of it I must admit. I posted more over on my Weight Loss blog for anyone interested. Im hoping for a good weigh in tomorrow:)

This week has been kind of weird at school, a student who graduated last year shot himself over a girl and its just been a sad week. Please keep this family in your prayers, I can only imagine how tough it is for the parents but also the girlfriend too.

AF should be here Im guessing if its like every month Saturday (10 DPO) so well see if she stays away or not. If not, I know God has another plan for us.

Also if anyone is looking for recipes, Im trying to get my entire collection to it, so Im posting 1 to 2 per day new recipes.


Matt and Jenny said...

have fun in nashville!

Dana said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! I love Nashville too, there is so much to do there!

So sad about the student at your school. We had a former student commit suicide this week too (carbon monoxide posioning). It is so so awful!

Yea, recipes! I'm always looking for a new meal to try!

Onna said...

I hope that you had nice weekend here. Not sure if that rain held off or not. LOL

Very sad about the student. Many prayers for his family.

I'm gonna go check out those recipes!!!