Wonderful Friday!

Well this week was tough, rough you name it. Ive been staying until anywhere from 6-9 pm everynight and getting there super early too. There has been so much going on and trying to get everything perfect (yes Im very much a perfectionist). I feel like Ive had no life this week and am so glad this week is coming to a close and have everything done thank goodness. I think it should be illegal to have regular duty (before school) and football duty on the same day but thats just me:)

My reward for having such a tough week was an AWESOME Friday. My kids were so good, so engaged and we had fun. In two classes we started learning Photoshop (how can you really not like learning such a cool program) and my other class actually begged me to go back early from lunch-they were doing de.mon.stration speeches and got to bring food if thats what they demon.str.ated. They absolutely loved it and we really had a great time learning about new things, how to do it, and they really did wonderfully on their sp.eeches too!.

Then I got home and my little pup, Brownie seemed more excited than ever to welcome me home, she is so cute and fun.

Tomorrow morning we leave really early to head to the plains of Alabama (Auburn) to visit with my cousin and her family and to enjoy some football (or lets hope we enjoy it:) ). I cant wait! Then next weekend we head to Vanderbilt..yeah! Two fun filled weekends!


Matt and Jenny said...

i'm glad you had a good end to a rough week! have fun this weekend!

twondra said...

So glad you had a good Friday. :) Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

Dana said...

Hey Stranger!!

Isn't it awesome to have great teaching days like that? I love when it all clicks and everyone is so engaged. It makes it all worthwhile :)