Great Weekend!

Well this weekend was so much fun with my cousin and her family. We tailgated and well MSU did end up losing (not a big shock) and Auburn whipped our tail. It was so much fun just hanging out with my cousin, her hubby and her little girl who is precious. I have a few pictures but need to get them off my camera..haha!

Also, I never really knew what country my cousin was adopted from and I was asking her this weekend about it all and found out she was adopted from South Korea. We had kind of thought about this one as well for international adoption but thats about as far as its gone. I do think it would be kind of neat to have a baby that looks like my cousin and her little girl too. Well see where we go from there.

Im just waiting on AF to show up for now.

Today was boot camp day can read more about it on my WL blog (check the right hand side). It was tough to say the least.

Please say a little prayer for us with my mom. She has gotten beyond tolerable right now and I just dont know what to do anymore. Its amazing how she went from being excited about us having twins to being unbearable. Its just sad to be honest.

On another note we are heading to Nashville this weekend, one of my favorite cities (of course we used to live there so its more like home too) Maybe MSU can win, we will see. Its hard to cheer for the opponent though bc I used to work for Vanderbilt.


Megan said...

Glad you got to spend some time with your cousin. Sounds like it was a good time! =)

So sorry your mom is being a pill. Prayers that things get easier there. (((HUGS)))

Matt and Jenny said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! I hope your mom chills out soon!

Leah said...

I'll say a prayer for your relationship with your Mom. That is definitely hard.

Rosie said...

I'm glad you had a good time w/your cousin & family. That's really neat that she was adopted, so you can get both points of view.
Sorry about your mom. Sometimes, distance is the best thing to do in a matter like this. **Praying**

Onna said...

Many prayers for everything sweetie!

Glad you'll be in Nashvegas. Be safe and enjoy!