3 day weekend!

Im so excited that its a 3 day weekend, its MUCH needed! Those of you who are teachers understand it better than anyone does. The first month is so tough getting back into the habit of things so Labor day always comes in handy for sure, its a much anticipated holiday!

Tomorrow is MSU (Mississippi State University) plays JSU and should be lots of fun. We get to meet up with friends and Im sure Ill get to see my brother and his gf as well.

Then we head up to Chads family and spend some time with them. Ahh the love of Labor day and how Im really excited for this weekend, but those weekends we seem to look forward to the most seem to pass quicker than we can blink...haha!

For other things-we have decided to give adoption a rest and maybe one day we will get back into it but right now we are just letting our hearts heal. God has given me a wonderful peace about it all and I know that whatever is meant to happen will happen in Gods will.
"See how very much our heavenly Father loves us, for He allows us to be called His children, and we really are!"
I John 3:1

"For God is working in you, giving you the desire to obey Him and the power to do what He pleases." Philippians 2:13

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day!


Kelli said...

So true!! I am in a new grade level this year and for these first couple weeks I've been working 12-14 hour days just trying to keep up! AAHHH!!
I'm glad you are at peace with your decision and I'm praying for you guys!

H said...

Definitely sounds like a fun weekend! Thanks for finding me; I look forward to reading more about your story! Have a great weekend!

Allison said...

Have fun this weekend!! So glad you are at peace with what you have decided!

Leah said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope your hearts heal. I'll be thinking of you guys.