Calling all MOMS!

Chad & I are trying to put together a list of all these things we are going to need/want so I want to ask all those moms out there...
1) What do you now wish you had bought?
2) What made your life easier?
3) What do you wish you never bought?

Thanks for all the feedback!


Mandy Jo said...

Well my bestie just had twins to months ago and I will tell you a lil about them! :)

They co sleep! The babies sleep so much better when they are by eachother! The bought them those bouncy seats they hate them because they can't actully be right by eachother!

As for me when Mist was a baby I loved our bottle warmer:) wipey warmer and pack n play! I also bought them portable high chairs and wow they are awesome for going out to eat!! Oh also I loved the formula holders for the diaper bags so that way you knew your forumla was already pre-measured for 2oz,4oz etc! Nursey water also:) okay thats it I think...

Miranda aka Mommy said...

1 - do we now wish we had bought... a GOOD diaper bag. I think we must have gone through like 5 diaper bags. Some were from different companies we got for free and some from places like Walmart. I would get a GOOD one. Make sure it's washable.

2 - THE SWING! Seriously I loved the swing! It was the best thing EVER. Oh and a Sling/MT. I loved being able to carry by babies. Oh and a babymonitor. I have the angel care as well as a fisherprice one. I like the fisher price one cause it came with 2 recievers. I liked being able to have one with me and one in our bedroom at all times (heck that's how it works now with the boys).

3 - Never bought - the baby carrier from Sears. It sucked! (plus learning now that we shouldn't push to seperate babies legs so far apart until they are over 4 to 6 months). Aside from that everything else we really used.

Sarah'sSmile said...

~A cradle swing. We just borrowed one. Check kids resale shops!

~Boppy pillow (you may want two! One to prop one or two babies on)
~Gripe water--not common in the US, but you can get it at BRU!

~Wipes and bottle warmer. Once W got used to the warmth, he never wanted ones that were not warm. For example, when we were out and about or when he was at day care. We eventually went to room temp bottles at ALL times. Same with wipes.
~baby bath tub. We went to just the kitchen sink, and to the big tub with an inch of water by 10 weeks. It was a WASTE of money and space.
~expensive/name brand formula. Walmart/Sam's club brand is/was just as good

That's it for now! Start checking out second hand stores for things like swings, bumbo seats, bouncy seats. Most are like new and will save you a bundle!

Breen said...

I don't mind at all :)

How did you make your custom banner up top?

Britney said...

1- I agree with the room temperature bottles. All three of our boys drank their formula at room temperature and it was much easier! I also buy gallons of distilled water because it's easier on their tummies and more convenient. I just pour the water and add the formula - no waiting for the tap water to warm up/cool down.

I love the Born Free or Doctor Brown's bottles - neither of them leak.

I have a special box for each of my kids that holds everything from their birth mothers. Pictures, gifts, letters, etc. I think it's so important for them to know how much they were loved before they came to us.

I love so many things I could be here all day.

Congrats on the twins - that it so exciting!

Jen said...

Too much to post here. I'll send you an email with my favs and things I could have done without.

Amy (aetrom) said...

what I didn't find necessary:
wipes warmer - I disagree, simple because then they always want them warm. better to torture them and get them used to cold wipes from the beginning. ;)

diaperchamp, (it was easier just to put them in the trash that got emptied daily I found it SMELLED)

there are LOTS of things that aren't necessary! really all you "need" is a bed, and a place for clothes and carseats. anything else really just depends on what you want and you could save money and buy things as you want OR get some second hand instead of new.....

I found swings and bouncers important BUT both kids liked the VIBRATING bouncer with kick n play (I probably would get 2 of these cause I used it when I was cooking to set down next to me, or for them to watch tv, etc... so it was a safe place to latch them as well.) and only one liked the swing (get one that swings side to side to not just front to back....) I think that is why Eli didn't like the swing.

it's good to have exersaucer, jumper, etc for when they are older to buy some time, but it doesn't buy "much" time so maybe it's not worth it? if I were to get it for 2 babies I probably would not buy double, but switch them out instead.

baby mozart dvd (that's the one that Eli and Alec have both loved) and it would buy my 20 minutes EVERY time I put it on! (usually once a day when cooking dinner with Eli, less with Alec cause he watches his brother!)

depending on the season - lots of onesies or sleepers. I find that it's great NOT to have to wash clothes all the time!

if I were you I would consider a double babytrend snap n go. I have a snap n go style stroller that I LOVE it's so lightweight and easy to use and fits easy into the trunk double travel system strollers IMO take SO MUCH SPACE. you could get a good quality double stroller for when they are sitting up....

E said...

Not a mom yet, but I posted this recently...

I think that it mirrors a lot of the advice given here. Try checking out craigslist. I had some luck there with a practically brand new stroller for $100. I plan on getting the snap n go stroller than someone else mentioned. I also signed up to get the coupons from BRU and try to buy something here and there....

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I just read your last 3 post been real busy with school so not alot of blogging this week.... Congrats!!! Oh I'm so HAPPY for you GOD is so Good!!! Very similar story to ours we were going thru an agency but God had diffrent plans for us a good friend knew of someone that wanted to place their baby for adoption and thats how we got our Precious little Seth. I will be praying for you and if you have any ?? please feel free to ask I know I had a million when we were going thru the process. God Bless!!

Joy said...

The monitor with the TV screen !! I like the one that you do not have to mount forever!!
I thought small house I will be fine WRONG!

Melissa Ann said...

I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of posts about my girls liked and did not like within the next few months, but here's my current advice:
1. Double Snap and Go (I got mine on Craigslist and you can also find them at Local Moms of Multiples clubs for resale)
2. I registered for (and received) Graco Snug Ride Car seats and the Snug Glider Car Seat Swing Frame. There is a vibration setting and music setting on the frames just like a bouncy and the two swing frames were cheaper than most single swings.
3. Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seats. My best friend swears by these. It hooks right onto your dining room chair and takes up almost no space at all. Cheap too! Plus you can bring it with you out to eat :D
4. Moby Wrap! You can wear twins in it if you're into baby wearing :D
5. Register only for what you think you can't live without. Most people will look at the registry and buy bibs, burp clothes, blankets or the cheap clothing/onesies you have on there and not get what you really need. You're going to get clothing no matter what, so register for what you need instead. Sheets, bottles, changing pad cover, etc. If the person can't afford what you want by themselves, they'll usually get you an outfit (or two) and a gift card. Gift cards are like gold.
6. If you're going to have more than one shower and find that you've received most of what you think you need, you may want to plan a "Diaper Shower" where people bring all different sized cases of diapers. Those suckers are expensive! Or consider doing cloth (Bum Genius One Size All-In-Ones are what I'm using)

Hmm... that's all my advice for now. Ask me again after my girls get here :D


AuburnBeth said...

1. Baby Hawk
2. sling (Maya wrap), breastfeeding (It's possible, even adoption)
3. full high chair (we used the fisher price one that strapped to our kitchen chairs more, plus I wasn't tripping over the high chair)

Have fun!